OZORA Festival 2014 Official Video / TRAILER /

Trailer for the OZORA Festival 2014 official video released in February 2015


Next edition: 3-9 August 2015

© Pumpui // https://www.facebook.com/pumpuicrew


Poem by Noddy @ Bereklauw // scroll down to read it!

Music: Zen Baboon - Red Frog // https://soundcloud.com/zen-baboon/zen-baboon-red-frog

Aerial footage by András Deák, Farkas Fekete // http://dronkamera.hu/

Camera: Krisztián Pamuki, Pawel Wieloch, Attila Nikléczy, István Mráz, György Reznik, Dániel Kotócz, ‎Ákos Plesznivy, Réka Valkai, Péter Ferenci, Barna Kasztner, János Horváth, Aga Koszykowska, Máté Fülöp

Logo animation: Sebő Ferencfy Kovács

3D titles: Zsolt Rostás

Sound editing: Péter Terner

Editing: Erik Kocsis

"When right is wrong and left is left
It's best that you walk straight ahead
Past the past and in the present
Surely there it will be pleasant
Glance behind at moments gone
But do not linger for too long
Look ahead but not too far
Remember always where you are
Hope and dream and do and see
But do not wish elsewhere to be
For life is now and you are free
To choose your own reality"
// Noddy @ Bereklauw

Hope you like it Noddy & thank you for sharing it Saci!!! ;))"

2014 festival Ozora trailer

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